Temporary Hiatus

So I've been at this for 60 films (or 12 weeks) so far, and while it has been fun and challenging, it is definitely exhausting. I started out about a week ahead of the postings, but after a couple weeks I was writing about the films the night before the post went live. That's not good pressure to have or maintain, especially with the already tense atmosphere many of us have been living in for the past four months or so.

Week One Thoughts

After one week of film posts I've realized more than ever that this is going to be an incredibly stressful and exciting adventure. Therefore, it's good for me to try and make this as less stressful and more exciting as possible. And that requires me to lay out some guidelines—more for me than anything else.

Launch Re-Evaluation

Don't let the title fool you: the first Best Picture article/essay/post will still go live on Monday, May 4th. I'm excited to get this project rolling and there are no plans to alter that date. However, as I've been working on content—watching films and writing about them—I realized that posting new articles every day for the next 18 months would bring upon a burnout that I'd rather avoid.