Oscar-Nominated Films: August 4th

Artists and Models (10th ceremony, 1937)
Song – “Whispers in the Dark”

“Whispers in the Dark”

Holiday Inn (15th ceremony, 1942)
Original Story
Score (musical)
Song – “White Christmas”

“White Christmas”

Sand (22nd ceremony, 1949)
Cinematography (color)

Magnificent Obsession (27th ceremony, 1954)
Actress – Jane Wyman

The Big Fisherman (32nd ceremony, 1959)
Cinematography (color)
Art Direction (color)
Costume Design (color)

Babe (68th ceremony, 1995)
Director – Chris Noonan
Supporting Actor – James Cromwell
Adapted Screenplay
Art Direction
Visual Effects

Hollow Man (73rd ceremony, 2000)
Visual Effects