Oscar-Nominated Films: August 3rd

The Four Feathers (12th ceremony, 1939)
Cinematography (color)

Lady on a Train (18th ceremony, 1945)

Rich, Young and Pretty (24th ceremony, 1951)
Song – “Wonder Why”

“Wonder Why”

Darling (38th ceremony, 1965)
Director – John Schlesinger
Actress – Julie Christie
Original Screenplay
Costume Design (b/w)

Beach Red (40th, 1967)

The Spy Who Loved Me (50th ceremony, 1977)
Art Direction
Score (original)
Song – “Nobody Does It Better”

“Nobody Does It Better”

Metropolitan (63rd ceremony, 1990)
Original Screenplay

Clear and Present Danger (67th ceremony, 1994)
Sound Editing

The Bourne Ultimatum (80th ceremony, 2007)
Sound Mixing
Sound Editing

Christopher Robin (91st ceremony, 2018)
Visual Effects

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