Oscar-Nominated Films: August 1st

The Smiling Lieutenant (5th ceremony, 1931)

Minstrel Man (17th ceremony, 1944)
Score (musical)
Song – “Remember Me to Carolina”

“Remember Me to Carolina”

Wilson (17th ceremony, 1944)
Director – Henry King
Actor – Alexander Knox
Original Screenplay
Cinematography (color)

Art Direction (color)

Score (drama/comedy)
Special Effects

It’s a Great Feeling (22nd ceremony, 1949)
Song – “It’s a Great Feeling”

“It’s a Great Feeling”

Trio (23rd ceremony, 1950)

Bless the Beasts & Children (44th ceremony, 1971)
Song – “Bless the Beasts and the Children”

“Bless the Beasts and Children”

American Graffiti (46th ceremony, 1973)
Director – George Lucas
Supporting Actress – Candy Clark
Original Screenplay

Obsession (49th ceremony, 1976)
Score (original)

Young Guns II (63rd ceremony, 1990)
Song – “Blaze of Glory”

“Blaze of Glory”

Space Cowboys (73rd ceremony, 2000)
Sound Editing

Frozen River (81st ceremony, 2008)
Actress – Melissa Leo
Original Screenplay

Guardians of the Galaxy (87th ceremony, 2014)
Visual Effects
Makeup & Hairstyling

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