Oscar-Nominated Films: July 20th

Thunderbolt (2nd ceremony, 1929)
Actor – George Bancroft

Suzy (9th ceremony, 1936)
Song – “Did I Remember”

“Did I Remember”

Dragon Seed (17th ceremony, 1944)
Supporting Actress – Aline MacMahon
Cinematography (b/w)

Since You Went Away (17th ceremony, 1944)
Actress – Claudette Colbert
Supporting Actor – Monty Woolley
Supporting Actress – Jennifer Jones
Cinematography (b/w)
Art Direction (b/w)
Score (drama/comedy)
Special Effects

A Thousand and One Nights (18th ceremony, 1945)
Art Direction (color)
Special Effects

The Men (23rd ceremony, 1950)
Original Screenplay

Casanova 70 (38th ceremony, 1965)
Original Screenplay

Breaking Away (52nd ceremony, 1979)
Director – Peter Yates
Supporting Actress – Barbara Barrie
Original Screenplay
Score (song score/adaptation)

The Client (67th ceremony, 1994)
Actress – Susan Sarandon