Oscar-Nominated Films: June 23rd

When Ladies Meet (6th ceremony, 1933)
Art Direction

The Constant Nymph (16th ceremony, 1943)
Actress – Joan Fontaine

The Gunfighter (23rd ceremony, 1950)
Motion Picture Story

The Seven Little Foys (28th ceremony, 1955)
Original Screenplay

Bells Are Ringing (33rd ceremony, 1960)
Score (musical)

Von Ryan’s Express (38th ceremony, 1965)
Sound Effects Editing

The Happiest Millionaire (40th ceremony, 1967)
Costume Design

Ben (45th ceremony, 1972)
Song – “Ben”


Logan’s Run (49th ceremony, 1976)
Art Direction
Visual Effects (special achievement award)

Batman (62nd ceremony, 1989)
Art Direction

Pocahontas (68th ceremony, 1995)
Score (comedy/musical)
Song – “Colors of the Wind”

“Colors of the Wind”

Click (79th ceremony, 2006)

WALL-E (81st ceremony, 2008)
Original Screenplay
Song – “Down to Earth”
Sound Mixing
Sound Editing
Animated Feature

“Down to Earth”