Oscar-Nominated Films: June 20th

The Hollywood Revue of 1929 (2nd ceremony, 1929)

A Free Soul (4th ceremony, 1931)
Director – Clarence Brown
Actor – Lionel Barrymore
Actress – Norma Shearer

Anna and the King of Siam (19th ceremony, 1946)
Supporting Actress – Gale Sondergaard
Adapted Screenplay
Cinematography (b/w)
Art Direction (b/w)
Score (drama/comedy)

Kind Lady (24th ceremony, 1951)
Costume Design (b/w)

The Pigeon That Took Rome (35th ceremony, 1962)
Art Direction (b/w)

A Touch of Class (46th ceremony, 1973)
Actress – Glenda Jackson
Original Screenplay
Score (drama)
Song – “All That Love Went to Waste”

“All That Love Went to Waste”

Chinatown (47th ceremony, 1974)
Director – Roman Polanski
Actor – Jack Nicholson
Actress – Faye Dunaway
Original Screenplay
Art Direction
Costume Design
Score (drama)

Jaws (48th ceremony, 1975)
Score (drama)


Once Is Not Enough (48th ceremony, 1975)
Supporting Actress – Brenda Vaccaro

The Blue Lagoon (53rd ceremony, 1980)

Brubaker (53rd ceremony, 1980)
Original Screenplay

The Karate Kid Part II (59th ceremony, 1986)
Song – “Glory of Love”

“Glory of Love”

My Best Friend’s Wedding (70th ceremony, 1997)
Score (musical/comedy)

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