Oscar-Nominated Films: June 18th

The Story of G.I. Joe (18th ceremony, 1945)
Supporting Actor – Robert Mitchum
Adapted Screenplay
Score (drama/comedy)
Song – “Linda”


The Five Pennies (32nd ceremony, 1959)
Cinematography (color)
Costume Design (color)
Score (musical)
Song – “The Five Pennies”

“The Five Pennies”

Hatari! (35th ceremony, 1962)
Cinematography (color)

The Wild Bunch (42nd ceremony, 1969)
Original Screenplay
Score (original)

Annie (55th ceremony, 1982)
Art Direction
Score (song score/adaptation)

Toy Story 3 (83rd ceremony, 2010)
Adapted Screenplay
Song – “We Belong Together”
Sound Editing
Animated Feature

“We Belong Together”

Luca (94th ceremony, 2021)
Animated Feature

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