Oscar-Nominated Films: May 15th

Man of Conquest (12th ceremony, 1939)
Art Direction
Score (original)

Only Angels Have Wings (12th ceremony, 1939)
Cinematography (b/w)
Special Effects

The Mayor of 44th Street (15th ceremony, 1942)
Song – “There’s a Breeze on Lake Louise”

“There’s a Breeze on Lake Louise”

Gigi (31st ceremony, 1958)
Director – Vincente Minnelli
Adapted Screenplay
Cinematography (color)
Art Direction
Costume Design
Score (musical)
Song – “Gigi”


Bulworth (71st ceremony, 1998)
Original Screenplay

The Horse Whisperer (71st ceremony, 1998)
Song – “A Soft Place to Fall”

“A Soft Place to Fall”

Quest for Camelot (71st ceremony, 1998)
Song – “The Prayer”

“The Prayer”

Mad Max: Fury Road (88th ceremony, 2015)
Director – George Miller
Production Design

Costume Design
Sound Mixing
Sound Editing

Visual Effects
Makeup & Hairstyling

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