Oscar-Nominated Films: April 7th

Speedy (1st ceremony, 1928)
Director (comedy) – Ted Wilde

Love Affair (12th ceremony, 1939)
Actress – Irene Dunne
Supporting Actress – Maria Ouspenskaya
Art Direction
Song – “Wishing”
Original Story


Wuthering Heights (12th ceremony, 1939)
Director – William Wyler
Actor – Laurence Olivier
Supporting Actress – Geraldine Fitzgerald
Adapted Screenplay
Cinematography (b/w)
Art Direction
Score (original)

Up in Mabel’s Room (17th ceremony, 1944)
Score (drama/comedy)

Brewster’s Millions (18th ceremony, 1945)
Score (drama/comedy)

General Della Rovere (34th ceremony, 1961)
Original Screenplay

The Conversation (47th ceremony, 1974)
Original Screenplay

Don Juan DeMarco (68th ceremony, 1995)
Song – “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?”

“Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman”

Rob Roy (68th, 1995)
Supporting Actor – Tim Roth

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