Oscar-Nominated Films: November 17th

The Awakening (2nd ceremony, 1928)
Art Direction

The Cowboy and the Lady (11th ceremony, 1938)
Song – “The Cowboy and the Lady”

“The Cowboy and the Lady”

The Princess and the Pirate (17th ceremony, 1944)
Art Direction (color)
Score (drama/comedy)

Desiree (27th ceremony, 1954)
Art Direction (color)
Costume Design (color)

1776 (45th ceremony, 1972)

Harlem Nights (62nd ceremony, 1989)
Costume Design

The Little Mermaid (62nd ceremony, 1989)
Song – “Kiss the Girl”
Song – “Under the Sea”

“Kiss the Girl”
“Under the Sea”

Valmont (62nd ceremony, 1989)
Costume Design

The American President (68th ceremony, 1995)
Score (comedy/musical)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (73rd ceremony, 2000)
Art Direction
Costume Design

The Queen (79th ceremony, 2006)
Director – Stephen Frears
Actress – Helen Mirren
Original Screenplay
Costume Design

The Breadwinner (90th ceremony, 2017)
Animated Feature

Mudbound (90th ceremony, 2017)
Supporting Actress – Mary J. Blige
Adapted Screenplay
Song – “Mighty River”

“Mighty River”

Roman J. Israel, Esq. (90th ceremony, 2017)
Actor – Denzel Washington

Wonder (90th ceremony, 2017)
Makeup & Hairstyling

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