Oscar-Nominated Films: August 20th

Underworld (1st ceremony, 1927)

The Cop (2nd ceremony, 1928)

Hallelujah! (3rd ceremony, 1929)
Director – King Vidor

The Dawn Patrol (4th ceremony, 1930)
Original Screenplay

Ice-Capades (14th ceremony, 1941)
Score (musical)

The Talk of the Town (15th ceremony, 1942)
Adapted Screenplay
Cinematography (b/w)
Art Direction (b/w)
Score (drama/comedy)
Original Story

Mother Wore Tights (20th ceremony, 1947)
Cinematography (color)
Score (musical)
Song – “You Do”

“You Do”

Wet Blanket Policy (21st ceremony, 1948)
Song – “The Woody Woodpecker Song”

“The Woody Woodpecker Song”

The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima (25th ceremony, 1952)
Score (drama/comedy)

The Shootist (49th ceremony, 1976)
Art Direction