So I’ve been at this for 60 films (or 12 weeks) so far, and while it has been fun and challenging, it is definitely exhausting. I started out about a week ahead of the postings, but after a couple weeks I was writing about the films the night before the post went live. That’s not good pressure to have or maintain, especially with the already tense atmosphere many of us have been living in for the past four months or so.

That said, I plan on taking some time off from the Daily Posts for the following reasons:

  • Catch my breath and rid myself of a little stress
  • Review previous posts for possible templates to use with future articles
  • Get a new “working ahead” schedule started so I’m not writing posts hours before the (arbitrarily set) due time
  • Watch non-Best Picture nominated movies

The Release Date posts will still be coming along as scheduled and of course any updates for the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony will promptly be posted with commentary as well as any other Oscar news that gets announced.

Much appreciation to those still following the site, and thanks for the understanding of the importance of maintaining one’s mental and physical health. I don’t want to announce yet when posts will be returning, but I’m eager to maintain the site, so hopefully it won’t be too long.

Stay healthy and safe, and enjoy the last leg of summer.