The White Parade (1934)

Director: Irving Cummings
Screenwriters: Rian James, Jesse Lasky Jr., Sonya Levien, Ernest Pascal
Adapted from: The White Parade by Rian James
Cast: Loretta Young, John Boles, Dorothy Wilson, Muriel Kirkland, Astrid Allwyn, Frank Conroy, Jane Darwell
Nominations: Picture, Sound

UCLA Film and Television Archive (no audio)

Today’s film is the first of two that are not available for immediate public consumption.  The only known existing print of The White Parade is housed at the UCLA film archive, and while it is accessible for on-site viewing, with the current COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing it’s unreasonable to make a trip out to Los Angeles just to watch a movie (and that’s assuming the university is allowing on-site research right now).  I have hopes to attend the 2021 Film Librarians Conference at the Pickford Center (I attended the inaugural conference in 2017) and include time to stop at UCLA to see the film, but with so much in the world still in flux that’s a big wait-and-see situation for the time being.

That’s me, eighth from the left.

Once I’m able to see the movie, a full write-up will be posted, but because there isn’t a film to review, this is essentially a day off for a new daily post.  A new, available-to-watch Best Picture nominee is on deck for tomorrow, so feel free to look back at previous posts for today.