Launching Best Picture Daily

Much appreciation for visiting Best Picture Daily! As the name of the site implies, each day will feature a film nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. There have been a number of past blogs that have set out to achieve the same goal, but I noticed that most of them have petered out after a couple hundred posts and posted without regularity.

That’s where Best Picture Daily is different:

  • First, other than the two publicly unavailable nominees, I have immediate access to every one of the other 561 Best Picture nominees.
  • Second, using a random number generator, the order of the films’ posts has been already determined. (The only caveats are the films during the first few weeks, which were pre-selected to thematically connect with the current pandemic.)
  • Third, I have a bachelor’s degree in screenwriting and a master’s degree in film studies, so watching movies and writing and writing about movies is a passion. Doing this site, providing content for it, is pretty much what I’ve been working toward with my educational background.
  • Fourth, I’ve been a huge Academy Awards aficionado/fan/enthusiast for more than twenty years. This site is something I’ve been planning for some time, and I feel that now is the best time to get it ready and rolling.

Currently, and for the next two weeks or so, posts listing Best Picture nominees and their nominations for each of the 92 ceremonies are going live. In addition, there are daily posts listing Oscar-nominated films released on the date of the post.

Beginning Monday, May 4th, the daily Best Picture posts will go live. For then until just after Thanksgiving 2021 (November 25, 2021), there will be a daily post featuring an Oscar-nominated Best Picture film—including the five to ten nominees from the 93rd Academy Awards. In addition to the posts, there will be a weekly podcast supplementing the daily post every Sunday. It won’t be be anything elaborate or over-produced, just a fun layer to add to the site and posts. (These may later be further supplemented or replaced by video essays, but no promises until we see how all this unfolds.)

I’m excited to get this project off the ground and share my thoughts about all the Best Picture nominated films throughout the years.